The Best Thailand YouTubers That Will Inspire Your Next Trip

Are you planning your first trip to Thailand? Or perhaps your 20th trip? Back in November of 2010, when I visited Thailand for the very first time, there weren’t a lot of Youtube channels out there that were showing Thailand from their perspective.

Luckily for you, nowadays, when you search for things like “Pattaya nightlife”, or “how much does it cost to live in Bangkok”, there are tons of videos that will show you just that.

I’ve been following a lot of Youtubers over the years, especially since my goal is to go live in Thailand permanently in the near future, and I am always looking for people who went before me and are living their dream.

And in this article, I’m going to share some of the best Thailand Youtubers that share their experience

Thailand youtubers to check out

And I like each of them for a different reason.

If you stick with me till the end, you’ll find some channels that will share:

  • Things to do in Bangkok
  • How much life in Thailand costs, from different locations
  • Some of the Youtubers actually found love in Thailand, and they’ll show you their lovely girlfriends and how they’ve met.
  • Starting businesses in Thailand.
  • And much more.

Are you excited already? Then let’s dive right in, and don’t forget to share your favorite Thailand Youtubers in the comments below.

1. Richie and Maybelle

Richie is a guy in his 40’s from the UK, who went to Thailand to work on his health. After meeting with his lovely girlfriend Maybelle, He decided to give up everything in the UK and move to Thailand.

On their channel, you can find videos on how they’ve met, what’s it like to live in Phuket, Thailand, and even more exciting, they started a business together. Maybelle’s Coffee Garden.

And to make it all even more intense, they started their business during the Covid-19 pandemic, which a lot of people thought they were insane.

Maybelle’s Coffee Garden is a lovely coffee shop, where they don’t only sell coffee, but also serve food recently, and even healthy smoothies.

And if you love to share your life on Instagram, they’ve made a beautiful instagrammable garden just so that you can share your beautiful pictures from their location.

Personally, I love watching people build things from the ground up, and even though they might struggle here and there, we all love happy endings, don’t we?

So whenever you’re in Phuket, make sure to pay Richie and Maybelle a visit.

Here are the links to their Youtube channel and Instagram account.

Richie And Maybelle Youtube Channel

Richie And Maybelle Instagram account

2. Jonny There is Something Happening

Jonny is a whole other ballgame.

Jonny came from Australia over to Thailand and is living in Thailand for a little over 10 years now and he documents all kinds of interesting things about Thailand.

He also shares about his life in Hua Hin, where he is living for a long time now together with his lovely girlfriend Som and her son.

What I think is funny about Jonny is that he still has that inner child in him. A lot of his videos are a bit on the edge. Meaning he knows how to present his content in a way that is almost mature content but still is family-friendly.

If you know what I mean.

Another thing that I love about his channel is that he is all about helping the local community of Hua Hin.

By shouting out small businesses that are struggling. Especially right now, during the pandemic. And also by collaborating with starting Youtubers who can use a little push in awareness.

I don’t know about you, but I believe in karma. And Jonny is a very good example of doing good for others and at the same time, creating fun content around that.

Click here to check out Jonnys Youtube channel

3. Retired Working for You

Retired Working for You is the Youtube channel from a Canadian vlogger, named Chris, who has massively grown the last year after posting a lot of fun videos around, usually Bangkok in the beginning.

Chris moved to Bangkok with his wife and daughter, after quitting his job in the film industry and bringing his knowledge to Youtube.

He has a fun sense of humor that will organically attract a large audience that loves his videos.

By inviting his viewers to participate in his Youtube journey, tons of people started to subscribe and watch his videos. Especially since he’s using his Youtube revenue to do good things for Thai people in need.

Click here to check out Retired Working for You on Youtube

4. The Holistic Trainer

The Holistic Trainer is the channel of Adam, an Australian guy who met his girlfriend Sai in Thailand.

Together they vlog everywhere they go and will show you some of the most beautiful beaches, Thai food since Sai has a very big appetite, and good hotels.

Click here to check out The Holistic Trainer on Youtube

5. Esquire Unlimited

If you’ve been watching any Thailand videos on Youtube, you’ve probably heard of LJ Esquire, aka Esquire in Asia, and recently rebranded his channel to Esquire Unlimited.

LJ came to Thailand to work on his health and practice Thai boxing. And he is vlogging about healthy food in Thailand, beautiful places to visit, and much more.

For a long time, LJ was accompanied by his girlfriend Tida and they were filming everything together, but since recently split up and now he’s making videos on his own again.

Click here to check out Esquire Unlimited on Youtube

LJ, if for whatever reason, you ever see this, I’m happy to see you back on Youtube and making videos again.

I can only imagine how hard that must have been. But I’m looking forward to your new videos.

6. Rides 4 Kickz

Rides 4 Kickz is the youtube channel where Lucas shares a ton of great tips for renting properties, long-term as well as short-term, getting a driver’s license, buying motorbikes, and more things like that.

The majority of his content involves Pattaya since he lives there and uploads a ton of new videos.

Click here to check out Rides 4 Kickz on Youtube

7. Maggie’s Journey

Maggie is a Thai girl, sharing her experiences living in a smaller Thai village. She also has a foreign boyfriend.

And as foreigners, we should learn more about Thai culture, right? Especially when you have a Thai girlfriend or plan to marry one.

I like her videos because it’s the other side of the spectrum. Although I mostly watch videos from foreigners traveling or living in Thailand, I think it’s important to know what the female side of all of this could tell us.

And although Maggie has videos on a ton of different topics, she also has 1 hour + live streams, which makes her connection with her audience very personal.

For example, when I was on one of her first live streams, I told her my name is Chris, since I commented as my channel name, In love with Thailand. And even after I joined another live stream weeks later, she remembered my name.

To me, that is impressive. I’m not that good with remembering names.

Click here to check out Maggie’s channel on Youtube

8. NoTime2bSad

Chuck is an American guy who fell in love with his girlfriend Paige. After traveling the US in their RV, they moved to Thailand and never looked back since.

On the channel Notime2Bsad, Chuck shares his experiences moving and living in Thailand as well as when they move around. But I find the videos more interesting as it’s about a foreign man, married to a Thai woman and everything that comes with it.

Click here to check out Notime2besad on Youtube

9. Thai Girl Gift & Foreigner Joe

As with Notime2bsad, Thai girl Gift and Foreigner Joe are a mixed couple where Joe is from the US and Gift is his Thai wife.

As a couple, they vlog their everyday life in Thailand and share about their home that’s being built, food, and much more.

The reason I like these types of channels is that they show life as it is, where some people will try to make it look more glamorous.

What you see is what you get, as they call it.

Not only this, but they also have interesting interviews with friends and other foreign people about their experiences. Which makes it a channel, worth watching.

Click here to check out Gift and Joe on Youtube

10. CB Media

CB Media is a whole different kind of breed, to be fair. Chad is an American guy, obsessed with cars, boats, and everything to do with speed.

He also has a background in video production and those 2 combined, helped Chad with growing his channel massively in a very short amount of time.

Although CB Media isn’t specifically about Thailand, when Covid hit, he got stuck in Thailand and his youtube channel helped him to get out of the house and make entertaining content in Bangkok, Koh Chang, and many other places.

He has a real American style of presenting his videos, which makes them unique and sometimes even a bit dramatic, but fun to watch. And yes, he knows what guys want, since whenever he can, he uses some of the beautiful Thai girls at the scenes to be in his videos.

Click here to check out Chad’s channel on Youtube

Extra Bonus:

11. Nine Media – Thailand

Jesper Larsen is a YouTuber from Denmark who posts mostly Phuket Nightlife videos, especially from the Patong area.

I discovered his channel about a year and a half ago and binge-watched all of his videos because not only is the quality of his videos awesome, He also adds his own music mixes to them.

Which gives the videos a much higher standard.

this is my personal favorite video of him, which isn’t about Patong, but a specific extravagant party he filmed, but it gives a good vibe of his content overall.

By the way, if you’re interested in Phuket nightlife, I just published an article about it where I share the best places to go in Phuket for a wild night out.

In the meantime, make sure to head over to Jesper’s channel and subscribe to his channel.

Subscribe to Nine Media – Thailand here

If you’re planning on visiting Phuket and are curious about the nightlife, make sure to check out his channel and get excited about your upcoming trip.

As you can see, I love a variety of content and not just travel videos, but since I’m planning to move to Thailand, I’d like to get inspired by some people who went before me.

And what I also enjoy about this Thailand Youtubers community, is that some of them even join forces every now and then and make videos together.

Did you already know all of them? If you’ve been watching Thailand videos on Youtube, my guess is you already have some of these channels at least.

And just to be clear, these are my personal favorites. There are a ton more, but if I would go into that, it would take me months to create this article.

Let me know which ones are your favorite channels. Maybe I can discover some new ones that way, so let’s help each other out.

Take care for now.


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