Experience the Thrill of Waterslides at Andamanda Waterpark Phuket

If you’re visiting Phuket and love to let go of that inner child in you, then the Andamanda Waterpark in Phuket is definitely the place to do that.

Especially when you’re visiting Phuket with your kids or if you’re like me. I’m 40 years old but still want to keep my mind young.

If you’re unfamiliar, the Andamanda Phuket Waterpark is the latest adventurous water park, which was opened in May of 2022. In this article, I’m going to show you exactly what to expect and why you want to take your kids here.

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Exploring Andamanda Waterpark Phuket Attractions

Are you ready to make your holiday an unforgettable experience? Then Andamanda Waterpark Phuket is the place for you!

Located on Thailand’s amazing island of Phuket, this waterpark offers it all – from thrilling slides and rides to relaxing pools and beaches.

And don’t forget about the wave pool that can generate waves up two meters high – a real adrenaline rush if ever there was one. Plus, kids will love the playgrounds while adults might prefer taking some time out at the spa after a day full of activities!

But what really stands out about Andamanda Waterpark is its commitment to safety standards and environmental protection practices.

with lifeguards always on duty across all areas along with stringent hygiene protocols overseen by staff members throughout.

These measures ensure everyone feels safe as they enjoy themselves in this beautiful park. So why wait? Go visit Andamanda Watetrark today where fun meets peace of mind in equal measure!

Family Fun at the Andamanda Phuket Waterpark

Andamanda Waterpark Phuket is the ideal place for families looking to have a great time together.

From exciting rides and attractions in the amusement park to the chilled-out atmosphere of the beach nearby – Andamanda has plenty of options that everyone will enjoy! There’s something here no matter your age or interests.

Get an adrenaline rush on Tower Drop, Free Fall, or other thrilling slides and coasters around the park.

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Kids can take it easy with kiddie carousels, bumper cars as well as interactive play areas complete with giant sea creatures perfect for exploring their imagination. Plus there’s even a go-karting track so they can race each other!

If some relaxation is needed then visitors are only a short walk away from two beaches where after soaking up sunrays you can cool off in one (or more) pools featuring either calming jets or leisurely lagoons which are really inviting when spending relaxing days enjoying the company of loved ones.

Besides all the fun things to do and the beaches to relax on, when you’re building up an appetite, there’s a very good restaurant available that serves Thai food as well as Western food.

And if that is not enough yet, there’s even a small shopping mall, selling all kinds of fun souvenirs so that you’ll never forget this fun day.

So many possibilities at Andamanda Waterpark Phuket make sure everyone finds something fun here without exception!

The Different Areas in Phuket’s Andamanda Waterpark

The entire Andaman Waterpark consists of 5 different sections, where 4 of which are filled with all kinds of water activities, water slides, etc.

Nagon Park – Pearl Palace

Nagon Park is where you’ll the entrance to the park and here you’ll find the locker rooms, different kinds of rooms you can rent for the day, and the shopping mall on the inside of the park.

Keep in mind, they don’t have a hotel, so the rooms you can rent are only for during your day at the park.

Andamanda Waterpark Phuket - Nagon Park Pearl Palace

Coral World

Coral World is 1 of the main water sliding areas as well as the area where you’ll find most of the food areas. From shops like Haagendaz, to fresh fruits, to coconut icecream.

Beyond the food courts, the area is filled with all kinds of water activities like sliders, a huge water tower, and more.

Andamanda Waterpark Phuket - Coral World

The Great Andaman Bay

The Great Andaman Bay is the main beach area.

Besides a huge swimming pool, surrounded by different beaches to chill out, you’ll also find a couple of relaxing villas you can rent for the day.

Especially when you’re going with your entire family and you’ll need a place to relax and store your stuff, renting a small villa, which is called a Cabana, might be worth looking into.

And also in this area, you’ll find lots of fun water sliders to try out.

Andamanda Waterpark Phuket - Great Andaman Bay

Naga Jungle

If the regular water sliders aren’t going fast enough, then you definitely want to go check out Naga Jungle.

In this area, the main event is the high-speed water slider called the Racing Nagas.

This is a very long stretched slider where you’ll first go through loopings to continue to go down at a rapid pace down.

Andamanda Waterpark Phuket - Naga Jungle

Emerald Forest

When you’ve played all day in the water, the Emerald Forest is a great place to close the day off with.

Here you’ll also find all kinds of slides as well as some relaxing swimming pools and it’s close by the exit.

As you can imagine by now, the park is so huge that no matter where you go, there are sliders all over.

Andamanda Waterpark Phuket - Emerald Forest

Tips for Visiting Andamanda Waterpark

Visiting Andamanda Waterpark in Phuket is a great way to have some fun and cool off under the sun. This waterpark has lots of attractions like long slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools – so there are plenty of activities that you can enjoy! Here’s how to get the most out of your visit:

For starters, it would be wise to put on clothes that are comfortable. The park heats up during daylight hours, dress accordingly with something light-weighted which won’t stick or weigh down as you slide through them.

It’d also help if you bring along a towel for when swims or rides end. This’ll make drying off much easier!

To maximize potential entertainment arrive early at the park (knowing its opening times helps!).

That way parking should be close by plus lines for tickets/rides will already have died down by then too.

In addition, an all-day pass may save time & money, no need to line up again after using any given attraction once throughout your stay here.

Safety comes first while enjoying Andamanda Waterpark, lifeguards remain constantly present but it’s imperative visitors respect signs placed around certain areas such as avoiding steep drops from waterslides or not diving into shallow pools, etc.

Lastly don’t forget sunscreen! Even though the clouds might hide powerful UV rays, protect yourself appropriately before entering outdoor spots inside Park grounds (or anywhere else). Plus keep reapplying every few hours especially if submerged in water going swimming for longer periods of time.

Andamanda Waterpark loops

Best Time to Visit the Waterpark Phuket

Since Phuket is a tourist destination, there’s no best time to visit the Andaman Waterpark. Except when you’re during the off-season.

High season in Thailand is usually between the end of November till February, so no matter what day you’re planning to go during these months, expect lots of people.

Yes, during the weekends you might find some more locals as well, but beyond that, any day of the week will work.

Andaman Waterpark opening hours:
The waterpark is open between the hours of 10 AM and 7 PM.

So make sure to get there early to get the most out of your fun day at the park.

How much does the Andamanda Waterpark cost

Here are the prices for the Andamanda Waterpark in Phuket. They are different for kids, adults, as well as seniors.

Kids (91 cm – 122 cm)1000 baht
Adults (122 cm and above1500 baht
Seniors (age 60 and up)1000 baht

You can book your tickets through the website, by clicking here.

By going through their website, you can also find some discounts that they offer every now and then. So it’s worth checking out.

Keep in mind though that kids smaller than 91 cm are not allowed to use the water sliders.

The tickets are sold at the door as well as through the website.

Once you enter the park, you’ll receive an RFID wristband that will function as a keycard for the lockers as well as a wallet to pay for everything within the park.

After you’ll receive your wristband, you can put money on it to rent a locker, rent towels in case you forgot to bring yours, as well as pay for any of the food and drinks you purchase during your stay.

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How to get to the Andamanda Waterpark Phuket

Reaching the Andamanda Phuket location is really convenient, as it is not far from Phuket Town.

You can basically arrive directly from the airport, take either taxi or public transport and you’ll be there within 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on traffic conditions.

If you’re not coming from Thailand but somewhere else abroad, then no problem! There are plenty of direct flights to Phuket International Airport that’ll get you there with ease.

Here are the details for the Andamanda Waterpark in Phuket:

Address: 333/3 Moo 1, Tambon Kathu, Amphur Kathu, Phuket 83120
Phone number: 076 646 777
Google Maps link: click here to open the location in Google Maps

Estimated time to get to the park by car/motorbike:

35 minutes from Phuket Airport
15 minutes from Phuket Old Town
20 minutes from Patong Beach
20 minutes from Rawai Beach
20 minutes from Chalong Pier
30 minutes from Kamala Beach

In conclusion, Andamanda Waterpark Phuket is a great option for families looking to have an incredible day of fun. It boasts fifty unique attractions like waterslides, go-karts, and even giant wave pools!

What’s more, it is conveniently located near the beach making accessibility convenient. So if you’re in the area with your family wanting some amusement park thrills then make sure to visit Andamanda Waterpark Phuket – it’ll be worth every moment!

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